creative accompaniment

creative accompaniment

through this service i accompany people during the process of ‘translating’ life experiences, curiosities, research, etc, into artistic pieces or projects, without the need of having previous artistic experience. working with metaphors, images or sensations (etc) that come up for you is a main component of this practice.

although this service started in early 2021 as an accompaniment for navigating conflict, variations based on differing needs have pointed to four main accompaniments. these four modalities are all flexible according to needs, which can happen online, or in-person if we live in the same location:

for those who search for a creative outlet, to get past a creative block, for mere curiousity, to learn something specific, to start or finish postponed projects, to explore a topic of interest, etc.

for those searching for a creative outlet during stressful, lonely or intensely intellectual and rigid processes of academic programs; for turning qualitative or quantitative research – or the research process itself – into an artistic form, etc.

for those who find themselves navigating processes, transitions or uncertainties, difficulties, tensions or conflicts, and who want to ‘translate’ such experiences into artistic pieces or projects; or for those who seek a creative outlet as a space to take some distance of a given situation, etc.

speaking explicitly or in detail about the situation is not necessary nor expected.

for those who have specific ideas with regards to what they want and need, and how they would like to be accompanied.

what does it entail?

  • while each accompaniment will respond to different needs, a standard service would entail meeting for 1hr once a week or twice a month, for a number of weeks or a few months. this depends on what you’re looking for.
  • this time may be for discussing your ideas if you have any, or for coming up with ideas if you don’t. the meeting could be to chat or plan what you would like to work on, to share what you have worked on, or it could be a time where you do work as i accompany you on the screen.
  • the meetings can be casual conversations or they can be instruction-based, or fluid. there are many possibilities and we can adapt it as we go.

if you would like to get a better idea of what an accompaniment can be like, below you can see, and read about, the work and experience of Sarah and Grecia:


sliding scale USD $25-50 per 1hr, according to your fee possibilities, and through paypal. i have limited spaces for lower fees and i am open to considering exchanges.

this service is based on several years of intensive theorical and practical research, during which i have been weaving my knowings, experiences and research in art, peace/conflict studies and systems of domination, non-coercion, relational tending, the neurodiversity paradigm, somatic and bodymind-based practices, peer support, education, experiential learning and nature ‘immersions’, among others. suggestions and feedback have been invaluable and i feel very grateful towards those who have been kind to give them to me.

these are examples of my work using a methodology similar to the one i employ for accompaniments:

if you want more information about what an accompaniment would be like; or more information about my credentials, experiences techniques and/or methodology; or to schedule a no-fee call to meet each other and for you to ask questions, please fill out the form below detailing your interest and i’ll be in touch with you.